Manual mode on mobile

The manual mode on mobile is practically unusable.

[Bug Description]
You cannot view your deck on manual mode, even against a bot.
The issue is; for you to view your deck in order to do a search, you click on the deck> view(magnifying glass)> select card> move to whatever place it needs to go and done, however, currently that button doesn’t work. I tried various other ways to click it, press the deck than slide the finger to the button, press an hold, press it multiple times, etc…
This issue also affects both decks (Extra/Main Deck) shuffle and Draw button, but on those cases you can use a simple command instead.

[Bug Reproduction Steps]
On Android, initiate a lan manual mode lobby, start the game, click on your Main Deck, press the Shuffle/View/Draw button(s) and nothing will happen.

[Screenshot or Error Code]
None available.

[Expected Behavior]
On pressing the View button against a bot it should automatically allow you to see your Deck, while when against a human a prompt should be given to the opponent in order to allow me as the player to look at my Deck

There hasn’t been any testing for manual mode on mobile, so we never got any feedback. Mobile always means smaller surface area and screen to work with. Manual is already more difficult since it’s not automatic which means more clicks and more actions needed. Even if you open Dueling Book on a mobile browser, you will have some difficulty.

If I were to use manual mode on mobile, I’d use tablet instead honestly. However, we’ll take your feedback into consideration and see what we can do. Just remember that the game has 1 version that is for both mobile and pc. There isn’t a separate version for mobile. That means if we make buttons bigger on mobile, it becomes bigger on pc too. Capacitive touch also means that fat fingers can press even the smallest of buttons with accuracy.

While I haven’t tried manual mode on mobile myself, I have played automatic and won duels on ranked easily so the UI for automatic is fine.

As for viewing your deck - if you are playing against the AI, that’s fine but against a human opponent the opponent has to give you permission to view your own deck.

Hi, so I don’t think the issue in question comes from the size of the buttons, those are actually pretty fine on my phone, the issue is that even when I do press the button and it highlights itself, it doesn’t actually do what is supposed to, even if I click directly on top of the view button it highlights then opens the GY or closes the deck without showing it to me when vs a bot, also when I tested with a pc and mobile it didn’t prompt me on my PC to allow my mobile to view the Deck. And it really is only a issue on the buttons above both decks, since the ones to special summon a token and lock a zone on the field works just fine.