Manual Mode: /movefd and /banish fd commands don't work properly

  1. Bug description
    In manual mode, attempting to move multiple cards via commandline to the banish zone face down will result in only 1 card actually being moved instead. /banishfd 10 and /movefd 10 d b commands do not respect the number value given.

  2. Bug reproduction steps

  1. Host a game in manual mode
  2. Attempt to banish 10 cards from the deck with either command /banishfd 10 or /movefd 10 d b
  3. Observe that only 1 card is actually moved to the correct zone
  1. Screenshot OR error code
    There is nothing in the logs that indicates any issues. Here’s a screenshot that also shows nothing because the chat history is invisible for console commands, but here you go.

  2. Expected behavior
    with the above commands, 10 cards should have been moved to the banish zone, face down.

  3. What OS are you using
    Windows 10

  4. Note
    After executing the above commands, the game is now in a broken state that is non-repairable without restarting the entire duel. I will enter that as a separate bug though because of the possibility that fixing this but might not actually fix that one.