Manual mode bug (bug report now properly drafted)

  1. Bug description

You cannot view your deck on manual mode, even against a bot.
The issue is; for you to view your deck in order to do a search, you click on the deck> view(magnifying glass)> select card> move to whatever place it needs to go and done, however, currently that button doesn’t work. I tried various other ways to click it, press the deck than slide the finger to the button, press an hold, press it multiple times, etc…
This issue also affects both decks (Extra/Main Deck) shuffle and Draw button, but on those cases you can use a simple command instead.

  1. Bug reproduction steps

On mobile, initiate a lan manual mode lobby, start the game, click on your Main Deck, press the Shuffle/View/Draw button(s) and nothing will happen.

  1. Screenshot OR error code

  2. Expected behavior

On pressing the View button against a bot it should automatically allow you to see your Deck, while when against a human a prompt should be given to the opponent in order to allow me as the player to look at my Deck

  1. What OS are you using