Main Deck card changed into another card when side decking

  1. Bug description
    [After my second match, when changing my side deck, my harpies feather duster was somehow duplicated. As its limited to one, this made my deck invalid, therefore i could not play the third match and auto lost when time inevitably ran out.]

  2. Bug reproduction steps

    [I pressed on the feather duster(on android) to place it in my main deck, and then removed a main deck card. Then when it said invalid deck i counted my side deck cards and noticed the feather duster was in it, but at the end of the list instead of the begining. The duster was also in my main deck. So im assuming the card i put into my side deck somehow became feather duster. I tried putting both dusters back into my side deck while maintaining the original 15 cards, incase it was just the picture being copied while the actual card was being recognized correctly, but no luck. The actual card was changed to harpies feather duster. Thid wss on deuling nexus`]


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  4. Expected behavior
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  5. What OS are you using