Magislayers, Magical Servants and Magical Deitys

Magislayers, Magical Servants and Magical Deitys
art 3.0 1 psct 3.0 1 creativity 4.0 1 balance 2.0 1

(I still need to create the bigger magislayers and the other spells and traps, as well as the magical servants/deitys)

Updated YET AGAIN, now with the first magical servant and magical deity

So, the magical servant and deitye are spell/trap monsters (not pendulum monsters, i just used pendulum design becuz i have not found a card maker with a design without the pendulum scales, so just ignore the pendulum thing), of all sorts, which can either be normally played as a monster OR be activated or set on your spell and trap zone as spell/trap cards, and can be either, quick play spells as is with this first one, or continuous spells/traps, field spells, equip spells, and so on. Also the magical servants/deitys are suposed to be based on the cards of each of my favorite anime villains, as you can see with yubel, and they can either help the Magislayers, or the archetype they belong to, while also facilitating extra deck summons in a very generic, easy, consistent and powerful way, but also being locked to once per duel as you can see with the spell effect. The monster effects havo no once per duel, but hard once turn. Somethings about the deitys
●they are all extra deck monsters and none of them mentions the Magislayers spells, traps or monsters, or even the magical servants or other deitys.
●they cant be normally played as spells/traps as is with the servants, but they will say when they can be activated in their monster effect.
●they all require either tons of material or very specific ones ro make.

The main spells and traps cards being treated as a magislayer card is a default thing in the spell and traps cards, because i want cool names, but dont want every single card to be called magislayer outside the monsters, still they are treated as being so, also this is mainly because I designed most of the archetype spells and traps to be somewhat, if not completely generic.

So the Magislayers is a archetype that i created with the idea of no monster deck, or at least no monster main deck. This is a archetype that can play solely from the extra deck without a single Monster in your main deck or whatever. They all can special summon themselves sending spells and traps to the gy or by their default ways too, if you want for any reason. Also they can switch themselves with each other constantly, but under the restriction of when doing so you cant summon other Monsters with the same monster card type as the one you activated for that turn. Is a archetype that can easily mix themselves with other decks, and can pluses in their effects under certain conditions, like being in the extra monster zone or being the only monster in your field. This archetype is mainly a control based archetype, but if you dont really care about their pluses you can just screw all up and use them as a combo based archetype too, the Level/Rank 8 and Link 3 monsters can all interact with your opponent in some way with a quick effect. They are’nt hard to get on the field, have no restrictions about being material for anything and if you dont plan to switch them, then their restriction is something you can be careless of.