Magical Meltdown displays the wrong hint string when activated

  1. Bug description

When Magical Meltdown is activated, the prompt is supposed to ask “Add Aleister the Invoker the hand?” or similar. Instead, the prompt now says “Activate Magical Meltdown (0)”.

The effect itself still works correctly. The error is either the text string, or the code that calls the hint.

  1. Bug reproduction steps

Simply activate Magical Meltdown while Aleister the Invoker is in the Deck.

  1. Replay Code

Hint messages are not displayed in replays.

Below is a screen shot. For unclear reasons, this particular rematch loaded my avatar and LP on the right (Gecko-chan) rather than the left, but that’s unrelated.

  1. Expected behavior

When Magical Meltdown is activated, the hint should read something like “Add Aleister the Invoker to hand?”

It’s fixed. There was an issue in the databse that sleeser announced where strings got removed. That was fixed. All the strings are back now.

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