Machina Fortress refused to Summon

  1. Bug description
    to Summon Machina Fortress [You can discard Machine monster(s) whose total Levels equal 8 or more, then Special Summon this card (from your hand or GY)]
    but if the total Levels equal 15 it well aks me to choose the to discard again

  2. Bug reproduction steps
    try to discard Machine Machina Fortress and a Machine monster
    that is Level 8 or higer at the same time

  3. Expected behavior
    to Summon Machina Fortress as how it say on the card text

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I want to confirm the information you have provided. It seems like you are stating you have 2 Machina Forterss in hand, as well as a Machine monster that is greater level 8. You attempt to summon Machina Fortress, and then are trying to discard Machina Fortress (number 2) and another monster.

Is this correct?

This happened to me when I tried to summon Machina Fortress by discarding both Desperado Barrel Dragon and Machina fortress, but of course this is wrong.
the right thing to do when Machina asks you to discard is to pick only Desperado Barrel Dragon and click “confirm” in the upper right of the screen.

PS: If you come from Duel Links like myself, it works a little differently there, Machina Fortress will summon right away when you discard, it doesn’t ask you to confirm your choice of discard.

Hey there. Duel Links is simplified so it won’t ask players to select the chain order or ask to confirm a discard. It won’t ask you where to place a card in what zone. All of this is automatic. Duel Links is a simulation of Speed Duel. The official rules of Speed Duel however do follow the correct rules of the game. In Omega, players can select the chain order. They can select the zones and they do have the chance to make more choices to confirm or deny. There is more thinking involved and this ultimately gives more control to the player rather than the sim.

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