Losing 3 to 7 cards in decks

For some reason, I am losing cards in my decks all throughout my experience using YGO Omega. What do I mean? Well, I import 40 card decks from ygoprodecks and masterduelmmeta, and some time later the decks are 37 or 33 cards only! At first I thought cards were simply being removed as they are updated, but nope… earlier TODAY I added several decks through the imports folder. All was fine. I closed and re-launched Omega a few minutes ago, and once again cards were missing and NO UPDATES were made on the break. And it’s deceptively hard to identify what cards I’m losing.


Thank you for making a bug report.

Are these cards that are TCG or OCG exclusive cards? Or have versions that are different in the OCG and TCG?

Sharing an example of the deck that is changed before and after it is changed would be helpful in diagnosing this.

With the current information, the team cannot do anything. Please supply more info.
Thank you.

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Okay. Will do if I see it happen again. I’m unsure of what cards get removed.