Loading Screen Stuck on 0

  1. Bug description
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    I freshly installed YGO Omega on my ASUS Laptop, it went through the updating process in a command prompt like interface then it loaded up the loading screen, and then nothing else it just sat at zero. I tried reinstalling it to see if I can get the same results, also tried installing it to my PC also no good

  2. Bug reproduction steps
    I simply installed the game on my laptop and fired it up and it just sat at zero on the loading screen
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    your replay code

  3. Screenshot OR error code

    From My Laptop

  4. Expected behavior
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    I should have been able to access the game, but seeing as it is stuck on zero nothing has happened.

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I have the same problem

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I have the same problem/2

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Same, i’m on linux if that helps
EDIT: nevermind it solved itself

how did you open the file in linux?

chmod 777 filename and ./filename

Actually i ran it again just now and it worked, maybe it was a server problem?

thanks it worked, I’m now stuck at 20%, maybe you’re right its just a server problem.

same for me, the best thing is probably to wait for while

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I have the same issue downloaded windows locked at 13% downloading from UK not sure it that should matter but that’s my situation.

For How long ?

Will I have to re-download each time because I tried downloading it again and this seemed to get me to 13% and then stopped. Maybe I’ll just leave it a while and see just asking if someone knows

Until the traffic goes down on the server side probably, it may take hours or days depending on how many people actually are trying to download the client. Also yeah it seems like the client keeps the downloaded files at least.

I’m at 25% now just seems to be leave it 40mins and then get a few more precent hopefully I’ll get it evently