Linux Unable To Connect To Host (can't resolve

  1. [color=#3AADE4]Bug description[/color]
    On Linux (specifically Fedora) constantly gets disconnected from server error despite the server being up. I found out the error is cause by not being able to resolve the host “”. I got the ip address of that host from the command host no problem and replaced the game server with that ip address. After that I was able to connect to the server just fine.

  2. [color=#3AADE4]Bug reproduction steps[/color]
    Install YGO Omega on fedora with the Omega Updater and leave settings as they are.

  3. [color=#3AADE4]Screenshot OR error code[/color]
    Unable to resolve host

  4. [color=#3AADE4]Expected behavior[/color]
    Out of the box the game should be able to connect to the server. I’m not sure if there is a
    dependency the host resolution expects that doesn’t come installed on fedora. It also could be
    something related to NetworkManager, but I’m not sure.

This could be related to the fact that Fedora uses resolved for it’s dns. Maybe the host resolution doesn’t know how to work with that? I can’t imagine why though.