Lightpulsar Dragon bug

when Lightpulsar Dragon is sent from the field to the GY i should be able to summon lvl 5 or higher dark dragon from my gy i tried by Tribute or link Summon but didnt work

Was sending Lightpulsar to the GY the very LAST action to occur at the time? Try again using a card like Dark Hole.

yes there wasnt any chain to begin with

No, sending a monster(s) to the GY for a Summon does not occurs simultaneously to the actual Summon.

the effect says when sent so this should includ any method like link or destroy right?

No; WHEN you send Lightpulsar to the GY, YOU CAN activate its effect.

i will try with dark hole and tell you what happend


Thank you for making a bug report.

As described, this is working as intended.

In the case of a tribute summon or link summon, the LAST event that happens is not the monster being sent to the graveyard, it is the monster being successfully summoned. This is why “When… SUMMONED” Effects can activate.

If wish to have a more detailed explanation, please read this article which explains the same event with Dupe Frog, a monster with a similar effect.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to reach out to us in the Duelist Unite Discord server in the #rulings channel.

Once again, thank you for making a bug report and helping make Omega be the best it can be.

@DarkDove3 @Lyris thanks guys i got it now didnt know some rules could be that specific

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