Lets Make YGO Great Again (Custom Rules)


The purpose of AP (Ability Points) is to make YGO great to play again, I mean when you duel you will really enjoy as before… That feel we all miss! Do you even remember it?

General Description:
AP (Ability Points) are the siblings of LP (Life Points). They give the player the ability to make advanced moves.

Description 01:

  • Default AP Values:
    — Starting Value: 5
    — Min Value: 0
    — Max Value: 6

  • Rules:
    When you activate a card effect your AP will be decreased by 1. If you have no AP to decrease you can’t activate cards effects.

Increase Your AP by 1 at each Standby Phase of your turn.

The Ability Points value cannot be controlled (increase/decrease) by any player except by the rules of AP.

Description 02:

  • Default AP Values:
    — Starting Value: 12
    — Min Value: 0
    — Max Value: 14

  • Rules:
    When you activate a card effect or special summon, your AP will be decreased by 1. If you have no AP to dicrease you can’t activate cards effects or special summon.

Increase Your AP by 1 at each Standby Phase of your turn.

The Ability Points cannot be controlled (increase/decrease) by any player except by the rules of AP.

Extra Rules / Effects:

  • Once per duel. You can pay 1 or 2 AP to draw the same number of cards
  • Once per turn. If you tribute summon a monster your AP will be increased by 1 (Auto)
  • Your opponent cannot respond to AP extra effects

Everyone has their own definition of what they think makes ygo great again. Old players like to think that making ygo great means to bring ygo to how it was in the past. This is because of nostalgia. It’s the same thing is if you watched a movie as a kid and then you see the remake of that movie in the future. Sometimes, our parents or grandparents think that record players are better than listening to music on an mp3 player even though objectively the mp3 player has better quality music.

For me, what makes yugioh great would be a good simulator. I want to experience the gameplay as smooth as possible with great graphics. For me, the nostalgia factor was Yugioh Online where we had an online automatic simulator with tournaments.

We can host tournaments with fun rules. Any rules can be hosted.

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On the surface level this just sounds like you are introducing a mana system into yugioh.

This would have most likely two effects, 1, it would force people to either A, draw card until they can make a complete push to kill in a single turn, or B, this would turn into a meta of every card needing to trade for at least +1 ap difference for every interaction.

If you summon a bunch of monsters and a negate, only to run out of ap and try to attack, you lose to a mirror force, since you can’t negate because of lack of ap. From this position you might as well scoop as your AP won’t regen and your opponent only lost 1 AP in that interaction.

If you aren’t going +1 on ap interactions then the game will forever be at a stale mate.

A normal summon, and opposing traphole trade in terms of ap value. It’s even worse if you consider using cards like Raigeki Break, since you are also losing card economy.

It’s just another resource you’re asking players to manage. This is why yugioh hasn’t, and can’t introduce a mechanic like this. Even Rush Duels has a gimmick that is similar to controlling both players. In Rush duels you are limited to 3 zones, relatively weak monster, and can normal summon as many times as you want, but at the beginning of each turn you draw until you have 5 cards. This creates a dynamic of limiting the number of plays each player has each turn while also giving them the freedom to make pushes each turn.

There isn’t an easy way to change the game of yugioh. And limiting it in such a restrictive fashion most likely isn’t it.

What is the appeal of this format, over something more widely accepted like goat format?

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Konami tried to build a resource system before. If you remember Turbo Duels, they used Speed Counters that would be gained each turn. You would need a specific number of Speed Counters to use Speed Spells. So what happened in that format? People simply either didn’t use Speed Spells or they used Spells that costed only 1 Speed Counter. Since monsters and traps were not limited, it didn’t matter.

Others have created Trinity format where you can only Special Summon up to a maximum of 3 times per turn. This kills combo decks like Dragon Link.

I created Enki Duel, which allows any deck to fully Summon and Activate as many times as possible but at the end of each Phase, they must remove a certain amount of cards up to the max amount of cards allowed on the field. This max increases each turn, to help gradually increase the pace of the game.

No matter what resource / mana system you come up with, if it limits the number of summons and activations, then you risk destroying entire archetypes and combos which are the core of their effects. One has to find a way to do it without destroying the game and that is what Enki was about.

However, this only feels that way when first entering the format without any experience. After dueling a couple of times with a good deck, you will find that the format is quite balanced.