Lets go ban appeal


  1. i agree i definitely did what i was banned for but the entire situation surround it reeks of personal grievances, power tripping, and general tom foolery.
  2. i believe that anyone should be free to speak their mind and react to injustices in the DECK IMPROVEMENT CHAT when someone is being ranted at by the head of the server for stating a simple observation, further when discussing and explaining why its a bit absurd repeating rhetorical questions instead of responding to the substance of the claims is not a proper way to handle a server or differing views. simply put just because someone said “suck your mum” as a replacement for a different explicative doesn’t mean you just purge an entire chat of its context and the issue surround it simply because you are offended. simply put this is an unjust ban and if it was anyone other than anti it wouldn’t have happened and… interestingly enough ANTI isnt better than anyone else on the server and are not above having his reactions called into question

I asked you a simple question which was whether you understand and agree with the rules of the deckbuilding channel. Instead, your response was “suck your mum”. This is not just inappropriate, but offensive regardless of who you said it to. This is not the type of behavior we tolerate on the server. If you don’t understand why you did what was wrong, there’s no reason for us to unban you.

This is not a personal bias, but we need to maintain etiquette in the discord server. You cannot just freely say whatever you want because then there would be no rules in a server. Rules are made to ensure order and conduct. That is why you cannot simply state what you want. People have a right to an opinion, but only when it is not offending anyone.

Your observations were noted, but at the end of the day, it is the mods who determine based on context, what is necessary. A person cannot simply enter the deckbuilding channel, say that they are there for the sole purpose of “lurking”. Then every now and then, dismiss or discourage others from posting their decks because they are not deemed competitive. It was clear since the start that the channel is meant for anyone to post any deck for criticism and review. Stating that the deck is not “competitive”, does not add constructive criticism. The person who was banned over that, did not even direct this comment to a particular deck or person, but the entire channel. These types of people are no better than those that watch a youtube channel just to leave a disparaging comment after every video for no reason at all.

If you understand this, then we can move further.

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regardless of all this i will concede that suck your mum obviously is not peak etiquette and i understand why you would feel offended if someone said suck your mum.

you were not “asking a simple question” you repeated a rhetorical question several times while totally ignoring everything else going on so if you understand why you were told to F off for this maybe we can move further. like you may be the ringleader of the circus but not everyone is your monkey to do say and answer however you want whenever you want it, so if someone is trying to discuss something maybe repeating rhetoricals isnt the way to go? also trying to say you upholding conduct is simply not true as there is stuff going on on this server CONSTANTLY that is far worse than this but yet i was banned because it directly involved YOU which is where personal bias comes in

It seems you still have failed to understand the situation. In any discord server, there are rules. Those rules are created by the server owner. So yes, it does matter that you follow the rules. The question I asked was not rhetorical. I stayed polite and professional to you without insulting. Your answer to the question was not a yes or no, but “suck your mum”. Even currently, you still do not agree with the rules. If you cannot follow the rules of the server, you cannot be in the server. It’s that simple. The server has been around for over 6 years. Whether it was me or any other mod, saying “suck your mum” to a mod is an instant ban.