Legendary Duelists Analysis - Amazoness

For anyone who’s watched through the first series of Yu-Gi-Oh! (or is going through the series like I am), you may be able to recognize the [Amazoness] archetype used by Mai Valentine during her run in Battle City. You probably also remember that Amazoness gained some support from Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V, as it was ran by both Gloria and Grace Tyler - introducing new small monsters for the main deck, some new tools in the Spell/Trap department, as well as brand new Fusion monsters that really step them up a notch. Unfortunately, the history of the Amazoness in the game has not exactly been the most kind. Currently, its clunky and nearly unplayable due to mediocre base stats, nonexistent comeback ability, poor protection, and a bad match-up against many decks back in the day, as discussed in Rank10YGO’s [Legacy of the Worthless - Amazoness]. However, new support in the [Legendary Duelists] booster pack brings promise of a new and improved play style, as well as a means to make up for their weaknesses that plagued them since then.


Before we dive into the new stuff, its best we take some time to recognize how the Amazoness tribe fought on the field and what exactly held them back from ruling the field with an iron grip. In terms of play-style, the “Amazoness” utilized more of a Control method, Special Summoning their warriors through their Field Spell, [Amazoness Village] whenever an “Amazoness” monster is destroyed by battle or by card effect (once per turn), as well as having [Amazoness Tiger] and [Amazoness Queen] on the field together to force your opponent to only attack the former, while the latter protects everyone from destruction by battle. Immediately, the issue becomes apparent - because they only protect themselves via battle, there’s nothing they can do if a card effect sweeps them off into the GY, not to mention Amazoness Tiger does not create the dreaded [Dupe Frog] loop so you can’t lock your opponent out of the Battle Phase. The newer support in Arc-V definitely remedies some of those issues, with the new Fusion boss monsters [Amazoness Empress], who protects every “Amazoness” monsters from both battle and card effect, and [Amazoness Pet Liger], who has the same effect as Tiger, but on a bigger body. Unfortunately, we don’t have an idea if they’ll be released in the TCG - the OCG received the Amazoness Fusions in their [Collectors Pack 2017], which was our [Battles of Legend: Light’s Revenge].

Our first monster in the line-up is a younger version of the Amazoness Tiger - with “purrhaps” the cutest artwork in the entire game of Yu-Gi-Oh! - [Amazoness Pet Baby Tiger], a Level 2 EARTH Beast-type monster that facilitates for something larger. It takes the name of the older self while on the field or in the GY, as well as game 100 attack points for every “Amazoness” card sitting in the GY. Thankfully, if an “Amazoness” monster is Summoned - except during the Damage Step - it can Special Summon itself from the hand, without some Summoning Restriction seen on cards like [Cardian Willow] or the like. The “purrpose” of Baby Tiger is to use it for the Fusion Summon of Amazoness Pet Liger:

" 1 “Amazoness Tiger” + 1 “Amazoness” monster. "

However, its Special Summon condition can actually resolve while its both in the hand or in the GY, which makes it a good monster to dump as cost for [Twin Twister] or [Foolish Burial] - to continue the thought, it makes the Link Summon of [Missus Radiant] extremely easy, opening the field up for the Fusion bosses, as well as giving your “Amazoness” monsters a bit of a stat buff.

Taking a queue from Amazoness Baby Pet Tiger, [Amazoness Princess] also takes the name of her older counterpart while on the field or in the GY, while also providing a strong search effect. Whenever its Normal or Special Summoned, it can add any “Amazoness” Spell or Trap card from the Deck to your hand, allowing you to add their Field Spell without the need of [Terraforming]. As an added effect, whenever it declares an attack, you can discard a card in your hand on the field to Special Summon any “Amazoness” monster from your Deck in Defense Position, except for herself. With their new Spell card, there’s a strategy that helps them flood the field faster. She and Baby Tiger will definitely be staples in the deck, if anyone decides to move into the Vrains-era of duelling with Amazoness.

[Amazoness Call], their newest Quick-Play Spell card, may be what this deck desperately needed to step up its game in the current state of Yu-Gi-Oh!; it takes any “Amazoness” card in the deck adds it to your hand or sends it to the GY, your choice - it practically acts as the deck’s strongest searcher, adding any “Amazoness” monster, Spell, or Trap, as well as sending Princess and Baby Tiger to the GY for their new Empress and Pet Liger. It also banishes itself to target an “Amazoness” monster on the field to let them attack all monsters on the field (once each), at the cost of having every other “Amazoness” on the field take a knee for the turn. There are some preliminary strategies, like targeting [Amazoness Swords Woman] while Amazoness Queen’s on the field and having her crash into everything (because Queen protects all “Amazoness” from destruction by battle, and Swords Woman has your opponent take any Battle Damage you would take. But the best way of swarming the deck has Amazoness Princess as the target, with Amazoness Queen on field to protect her from destruction:

" When this card declares an attack: You can send 1 other card from your hand or field to the GY; Special Summon 1 “Amazoness” monster from your Deck in Defense Position, except “Amazoness Princess” "

Because Amazoness Call allows Princess to attack all monsters on your opponent’s field, it has the potential of summoning 3-5 monsters (depending on the monster count) at the cost of some LP. Another strong staple for any “Amazoness” build!

The support has been extremely strong for the deck, allowing it swarm the field faster than it ever has in its history, but its still held back by low stats and poor protection. Without Amazoness Empress and Pet Liger, the deck’s only beater is Amazoness Queen, sitting at 2400 attack points, and they still have no means of protection from card effects or removal, except for the unreliable [Amazoness Sage]. Still, considering the deck’s ability to Special Summon more monsters, it may see a future as a viable Link deck, with Missus Radiant and [Borreload Dragon] seeing some use as Link Bosses. Time will tell if their Empress will finally take her spot on the throne in the TCG.

EDIT: 9/6/2017 10:00 CST

The TCG list finally dropped and it appears that I missed a card - a new Continous Trap card designed to help the Amazoness swarm on the enemy and banish them from the land. [Amazoness Onslaught] lets you Special Summon an “Amazoness” monster from your hand during the Battle Phase, as well as provide the monster summoned this way an extra 500 attack until the end of the turn, even if it leaves the field - because it doesn’t have a Level restriction, you could Special Summon your Amazoness Queen for board maintenance. As an added bonus, after damage calculation, you can banish a monster an “Amazoness” monster battles if its already face-up on the field, as well as Special Summon an “Amazoness” monster in the GY if it gets destroyed. For the “Amazoness” archetype, the new tools available to swarm the field is a blessing from the gods, and the lack of a Level restriction on this card is the cherry on the top. Definitely run a few copies to make sure the deck maintains its board strength.