Labrynth Labyrinth vs Grapha Fusion Bug

  1. The field spell destroy effect does not occur when Cl1 Big Welcome Labrynth and Cl2 Grapha Fusion to destroy. This ruling is incorrect as the Field spell would still get the destroy at resolution after opponent discards. Field Spell was NOT used in the same turn and the Big Welcome was not negated just the effect was changed at cl2 not resolution. The official OCG email ruling and TCG Ruling was that Field Spell would destroy since Lab Field Spell states ‘add the additional effect at resolution’ going on to say ‘also after that, destroy 1 card on the field’. Going by ocg email ruling the field spell should destroy.

  1. Field spell should destroy after opponent discards.
  2. Windows 10 Dueling Nexus Browser

Ok, but can you recreate this on omega?

You’re on the wrong forums. This is for YGO Omega not Dueling Nexus.