Kshatri-La's unable to activate their effects

I summon Fenrir, and I can’t use the effect to search another Kshatri-La monster, and during the standby phase, I try to use the effect of Kshatri-La Shangri La, and I cannot summon a Kshatri from the deck.

You can reproduce the bug by just summoning any Kshatri-La. I haven’t checked the passive ability of the spell that allows a ns of a level 7, or the reborn effect of the spell/trap, but the Kshatri-La monsters do still have this bug. I also haven’t checked the Xyz monster if it still can protect itself by detaching a material.

In the screenshot, it shows the log that says I’ve just summoned Fenrir, but I cannot activate its effects. I was still able to use the effects of my cards in hand.

I should have been able to use the effect of Fenrir to add a Kshatri-La monster, or Shangri La to summon a Kshatri-La from deck.

I am using Windos-10 as my OS

Try this again

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Hey, Just wanted to let you know that I’m Having the exact same problems with Kshatri-La. Same exact problem. It’s still on going right now

I’m also using windows 10, and I’m not having any problems with any other deck

So I just tested it again, and I’m still experiencing this issue


I just tried again, seems to be working

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