Kshatri-La Shangri-La's Zone effect is activating incorrectly

  1. Bug description
    The following card effect of Kshatri-La Shangri-La is working incorrectly -

Each time an opponent’s card is banished face-down: You can choose 1 unused Main Monster Zone or Spell&Trap Zone; it cannot be used while this monster is face-up on the field.

Instead of being able to activate when an opponent’s card is banished face down it instead works when you banish your own card face down.

  1. Bug reproduction steps
  • Xyz summon Kshatri-La Shangri-La.
  • Banish cards face down (Eater of Millions was used in this case).
  • Activate Shangri-La to lock a zone on the field.
  1. Screenshot OR error code

  2. Expected behavior
    It should not be possible to activate this effect of Kshatri-La Shangri-La through banishing your own cards face-down. This effect should activate upon banishing your opponent’s cards face-down.

  3. What OS are you using

Test again.