"Keeps redownloading" on PC and Android

installed the game normally on pc and android it works fine but the next day when i open it it starts to download all data again (all the 60 patches) either on pc or android & when i check on mobile data i find it complete(3.5 GB) but downloading all over again


Same here, i dont know if it´z for purpose or just an insuce but it sucks hard …

It’s not redownloading everything again. I updated 300 arts and hence, it has to download a bundles in which those arts are from. Each bundle is about 50 mb. It may feel like that because you start at 0%, but it skips bundles it already has.

solved … after uninstalling the app i installed it let it download twice then in the third time downloaded few patches …
and it’s stable since then.


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You never needed to uninstall and download again. You guys end up doing more things than you need to unnecessarilly. All you had to do was let it download once.