"Invoked Purgatrio" effect bug

  1. Bug description

So basically, I played a few DL games and I noticed that Purgatrio’s effect to gain 200ATK per card on the opponent’s field has a bug, and I know why this happens.
In DL games, the skill card is placed on the field in the first column - which can’t be accessed in DL games.
But the thing is that Purgatrio counts this skill card as a “card your opponent controls”, granting him 200 more ATK than usual.
Skill cards should not be considered as a “card on the field”.

  1. Bug reproduction steps

Summon “Invoked Purgatrio” in a DL game against someone who has a skill.

  1. Expected behavior

Purgatrio should not have 200 more ATK than usual (ex: have 2300ATK when no cards on the opponent’s field instead of 2500ATK)

I have pushed a fix for this bug; it’ll be in by the next update. Let me know if these bugs and/or others show up again!

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