Introduction from Lyris

What brings you here?

Good question. After all, I do not often take notes on my history, if I do so at all. However, my passion for programming, especially in Lua and languages like it, is at least 1 factor in me joining and staying at Duelists Unite, as well as YGOPRO servers.

When was the last time you played Yu-Gi-Oh? Are you a new or returning player?

I still play Yu-Gi-Oh! to this day, but more often in the custom card community than in real life. I do sometimes play the TCG/OCG online, though.

What type of decks do you play?

My main deck type is Cyber Style, but I have also played many other deck types, including Adamassiah (Adamancipator), Tech Genus (T.G.), Salamangreat, Altergeist, Noble Knights, Orphegel (Orcust), Artifact, Shaddoll, Blue-Eyes, and Dracomet (Yang Zing).

What do you like to do for fun?

I like to make and code custom Yu-Gi-Oh! cards for automatic dueling simulators like YGOPRO. I also listen to music, video-surf on YouTube (and sometimes Dailymotion), play other card games with playing cards like Gin and Klondike Solitaire, and write for roleplays (RPs) like on DeviantArt-- in fact, I administrate my main RP group, Yu-Gi-Oh-RPdA!

Where do you live?

I live in New Jersey.

Do you have any favorite shows or animes?

I have watched a lot of TV shows. In fact, there are too many to list! As for amine, though, I’ve viewed shows in the fandoms of: Yu-Gi-Oh!, Shugo Chara!, Sailor Moon, Cardfight!! Vanguard, Future Card Buddyfight, Pokémon, and Battle Spirits. I am the most active in the Yu-Gi-Oh! fandom.


I didn’t know you liked roleplay. You could write fanfiction, play roleplay, or do things here on the site as well. They did roleplay on other Yugioh sites before. The section to do this would be here:


You can even make your own tag called roleplay when you make the topic. Hash tags also work like #roleplay