Infinite Impermanence not working

Activating Imperm (both from hand and field) yields the message "?: -1 : attempt to call a nil value (method ‘IsCanBeDisabledByEffect’). Imperm gets sent to the graveyard but does not negate, where it obviously should. Tested on Gusto Egul, Apprentice Illusion Magician, and Sandaion the Timelord.
Occurring on local AI duels, untested on online matches. Running Windows 11, v1.9.223 of Omega.

Try again

still occurring :frowning:

I tried online and it worked… :expressionless:

I get the same bug. It occurs on other similar cards too, like Marincess Wave.

win7 too

i got the same problem with imperm, and runick cards when i test the deck in the deck manager. did not try it online.

Same problem here on local AI duels. Windows 11.

Probably delay in updating the local omega core.
Those cards script require “Card.IsCanBeDisabledByEffect”

Wait for local core update.