I'm not dueling the AI with a deck I selected

  1. Bug description
    When I’m selecting what deck the bot is using, keep getting decks I don’t plan on fighting.

  2. Bug reproduction steps

    So first I host a match with the OCG [1.10.2020] as my selected banlist, then I set the duel mode to “Match.” Afterwards I set the Master Rule to 5. Finally I set the Duel Rule to, “Master Duel.” I then clicked “Private” because I didn’t want people jumping in out of nowhere while I was editing decks or I’ve gone afk. I create the match and then I’m brought to the room screen. I select, “Dragunity” as the deck I want to face and then get Gradyle instead. After the duel I wanted to try fighting Time Thieves, but instead I got this weird normal deck instead.

  3. Expected behavior
    When I selected Dragunity, I should’ve been fighting a Dragunity deck and not Gradyls.
    When I select Time Thieves, I should be getting cards related to Time Thief Redoer and such.