Idea for DL Tournament

Good evening dear duelists! I would like to offer you an idea about tournaments. Although OMEGA has not opened the tournament session yet, I would like to know if you are interested in a typical DL tournament but in the old version of the anima (yugioh monster duel).

Indeed, the rules are simple:
¶Each player must start with 2 stars.
¶Each player can challenge any opponent in the round (but only once, except in the context of the final stages or even direct eliminators …).
¶Each duelist has the right to play only one deck until the end of the tournament
¶Players have the right to bet with their stars, for example: a player can challenge another player by placing his 2 starting stars or even 1 star if he wishes. But the main thing is to chat with your opponent until you agree with the number of stars you want to bet.
¶The objective of the duelists to go to the final stages is to collect a maximum of 10 stars, to enter the quarterfinals.
¶The goal of the tournament is to be 1.

Notice: only the 3 best that will have rewards.

Thanks for reading my idea!

This is a cool idea and it has been done before. The star system is something possible through discord bots. It’s manual in that you choose to challenge opponents that have star chips. Then if you win, you report that win through discord and the bot awards star chips.

This is not a real “tournament”. In a tournament, you cannot choose your opponent. That is one of the basic caveats is that players are paired automatically and must duel. That’s what a tournament is. Omega’s automatic tournament system uses Swiss which makes every player duel a new person each round of the tournament.

In general, we can do all kinds of cool rules with automatic tournaments. Duelist Kingdom rules with Duel Links banlist and card pool with automatic Swiss. The star chip system is not necessary. What matters the most are the rules of the tournaments.

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