Icejade, S-Force, Guiding Quem Bugs

  1. Bug description
    [`A few bugs I’ve been experiencing over the last few days:

  2. Icejade Aegerine Rahn: eff to SS a token first caused the game to crash, but within the last 2 days or so it doesn’t crash, but no token is summoned.

  3. S-Force Nightschaser (New Link): unable to be summoned by any means.

  4. Guiding Quem: 2nd eff to SS not working. I saw an earlier post resolving the issue, but I used her this morning and the 2nd eff still did not happen when an Extra Deck monster was summoned.`]

  5. Bug reproduction steps

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    your replay code

  6. Screenshot OR error code

  7. Expected behavior
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  8. What OS are you using

Ok, but was the extra deck monster property summoned before being sent to GY?