I started with 4 cards in hand in tcg ranked

  1. Bug description
    I played a ranked match and game 2 I started with 4 cards instead of 5

  2. Bug reproduction steps
    I dont know I queued up for a speed game before that but quit queue game 1 I had a 5 card hand though
    it also sadly not visible in the replay so no point in ataching it

  3. Screenshot OR error code
    the last card in hand was suppsed to be a Machina redeployment
    Screenshot (131)

  4. What OS are you using

I just had the same issue here but in a regular ranked TCG Duel. for a brief moment there were all 5 cards in hand, but one disappeared when the starting hand got shuffled by the game.
Later on that turn i added one card from deck to hand via Dragunity Gae Dearg’s effect and my hand got shuffled again. This time another card disappeared and the first one returned.
When I then shuffled my hand via the button next to the chat, cards switched again.
This Bug is unfortunately not visible in the replay.