I had my opponents deck

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  1. Bug description
    After summoning striker dragon and activating the effect i was asked to pick a card from my deck but i was given 0 choices and i had my opponents deck.
  2. Bug reproduction steps

I had to reconect because of another bug. When i reconected i could normal summon my monster and link it off into striker dragon. but then after using the effect i was given no choice (you can see the finish button top right). My deck runs over 40 cards and my opp had 40 cards. On the screenshot you can see my opponent had my (bigger) deck.
My opponent on saw my hand aswell. The 2. screenshot is his view.

  1. Screenshot OR error code

4. Expected behavior
I should have searched my field spell.

I think this was fixed already. If not, let me know otherwise this will close in 24 hours.

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