I can't summon dark synchro Ultimitl and dark synchro Tzolkin

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    [When i try to summon dark synchro Tzolkin Ultimaya and dark synchro Phantasmal Lord Ultimitl Bishbaalkin, it doesn't appear the summoning light on the cards]

  3. Annotation 2021-06-28 120741

    Annotation 2021-06-28 120812

Try it again.

it still not working

Try again

nevermind, it works fine now thank you :+1:

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sorry to disturb you again but the level of these monsters are still “considered” 12, can you change them to level 0 ?

They are level 0 on the card but treated as level 12.

i’m talking about the dark synchro ones they are not supposed to be considered level 12 but level 0 if they were level 0 why i can’t summon Sooting Blazar and Quasar look at this :

Dark synchro monsters are negative levels, not Level 0. That’s what the inverted orange star (blue star) is. It’s exactly what it is supposed to be. Only monsters like Ultimaya Tzolkin, Bishbalkin etc. are Dark Synchros with Level 0.

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but i can’t summon “Shooting blazar dragon” with “dark synchro Tzolkin” + “shooting star dragon” + “phonon dragon” why ?

Read what the Shooting Blazar Dragon says:

1 Tuner Synchro Monster + 2+ non-Tuner Synchro Monsters

Nowhere do you see here “Dark Synchro” written. You cannot mix them. Not only that but Dark Synchro Tzolkin (Level 12 while on field) + Shooting Star Dragon (Level 10 Synchro) + Phonon Dragon (Level 4 Tuner Synchro). Even even Tzolin was treated as Level 0, 10 +4 = 14 not 12.

A Dark Synchro monster has never been used as material in the anime or manga for synchro material.

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thank you

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