I can't play online

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    when i try to go online, the message `` disconnected from server ‘’ appears, it has been 2 days now, what can i do?

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Run the omegaupdater. Then open the game, go into settings, and click the button on the top right labelled “reset.”

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Yesterday Omega has a major update. Because of that, as Ninjatk stated, you must run the OmegaUpdater.exe manually, which should be found in your install location, usually C:/.

Once you have run the updater, open YGO Omega, open Settings, and click the refresh icon in the upper right hand corner to reset the Game Server IP to the new default. It has changed and you will not be able to go online without doing this!

If none of these steps work, try again.

You can stay up to date with these changes by being apart of the Duelist Unite Discord. The changes have been announced in the #announcements channel, found here:

If you cannot view this channel, please read the #rules channel on the discord server to be granted access.

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it worked, thank you for the answer

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did all this and even uninstalled reinstalled. i cannot get into deck maker and or go online the screen freezes and it tells me that microsoft has to shutdown the program bc it isnt working. started doing this after i deleted all the decks

Not sure why you did all of that when all you had to do was simply run the updater. You should use the tech support on discord if you don’t know where the updater is.

i already ran the updater before i tried the reinstall. the deck manager and online is bugged bc i deleted the decks they had in there. none of the troubleshoots are fixing my issue. lol leave it to me to do something that annoyed me and now i cant play on my 1st day XD thumbs up

You can contact me on discord. Not sure what you did wrong. Most people if you just get the game and run the updater, it’s smooth sailing. What happens is when you try to do things yourself that we don’t yell you like changing the default location of a folder.

im just going to delete my account and start a new one. ive tried all the trouble shoots and no prevail. it seems im the only one with the issue. i think starting a whole new will solve my issue.

how do i delete this account?

We already told you how to fix the issue. Starting a new account wont’ fix it. Doing what I said, will.