How to make any Screen Resolution work including 4K

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  1. Bug description
    Monsters placed furthest to the right on the main monster zone have activation icons with dead zones.
    This dead zone only affects when playing the 3D views of the field

  2. Bug reproduction steps

    Place any effect monster on the furthest right main monster zone while viewing the field in either of the 3D modes. Hover over the monster, only the bottom part of the icon can be clicked, the rest of the icon does nothing. this can also be replicated while attacking with any monster on that specific monster zone.

  3. Screenshot OR error code

  1. Expected behavior
    While hovering over the monster for effect activation or performing an attack, any part of the icon should activate the desired action.

We tested this and found no issue. We clicked on the top of the activation icon on the farthest main monster zone. It could be due to your screen resolution. You should try again and then tell us the resolution you used.

The resolution was the problem. I tried all resolution options and dead zone problem only shows up on the 3200x1800 resolution or higher. This only affects that specific monster zone.

I was using 3840x2160 at 30 fps

We have only tested up to 1920x1080. There’s no one on our team that has tested that high. We compiled Unity to support 16:9 resolutions. I’m not sure.

Found a solution for windows.

Under properties windows has an option to fix scaling problems

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Thanks this is indeed a nice solution!