How to add a new language for all card

Hi, I would like to add a new supporting language for all cards and the interface. How can I make that?

Which language? There’s over 11k cards. Unless you have a complete card database with all translations, it’s not easy to do that.

I would love to have a Vietnamese version, my friends would love to play but some of them not good at English.
I can write a tool to do a rough translation for all cards but I need a way to extract the text cards first.
Is there any way better? Just need to display the card effects in another language?

Yugioh is a complex game with complex card effects. Even if you were to translate the effect, it would have to be done in a way that people will understand what the card does. We have the official translations by Konami but since there isn’t a Vietnamese translation in real life, this is very hard.

It would require a community or group to volunteer and translate the cards. When there is no translation, it will use the English text by default.

If you do auto-translate, it would be incorrect. We use the same structure as the ygopro database which is a cdb file. You can just send me a cdb file and we can add it.

Just note though that each new language makes our database bigger as well.