How do you get gold?

I’ve just recently found out about this game and played against someone online with rare cards. Looked at the shop and got no information on how to get the currency, looked it up on google and saw a single post on reddit even mentioning gold in ygo omega with no comments. So how do you get gold?


You get DP (Duel Points) for winning ranked matches against someone who is ranked Silver or higher if I’m not wrong. You can also get DP from Dorms in Discord. Lastly, you could donate to the team for the server maintenance cost in exchange for 1 of each rarity (this is the only way to get it through real money and you can only get this once, though more donations are welcomed).

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Could you provide a link for the donations?

The link for donations can be found on the Discord server Duelist Unite, under the channel #Downloads in the Extra’s section.

The direct link is as follows: PayPal.Me

The minimum to donate for VIP status (which net you the rarities) is $5 usd.

As mentioned, additional donations are welcomed, but the team wants you to take care of yourself first, and help out where you can.

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