How Did Dai Get Here? , Roller Baller and It's Neck and Neck! are not fully working

  • When I activate How Did Dai Get Here?
    I can not select a field spell when activated and the card just go to the grave. I tried without a field spell in my deck and the card can’t be activated so it’s still checking if I can search a field spell but something fails after that in the code.

  • Roller Baller
    He can not use his fusion effect and if I use Polymerisation to summon Pin Baller, I have to use a card like The Light - Hex-Sealed Fusion to replace him. Also Pin Baller works perfectly except I can’t special summon Roller Baller from grave when bounced by its effect, so I suppose Roller Baller doesn’t have the right name in the code so Pin Baller doesn’t recognise him.

  • It’s Neck and Neck!
    I can’t bannish this card and a Gold Pride monster to activate the grave effect even if I have myself 500 LP and my opponent a 3000 atk monster.

Just wanted to add to the report for “How Did Dai Get Here?”, I tested it and it gave an error saying “8 parameters are needed”, as seen in the pic below.

Try these Gold Pride situations again

Thanks, all the cards work now except Roller Baller that can’t activate his effect to fusion summon, but Pin Baller can now Special summon him during the End phase so it’s not a name problem anymore.

Try the new Dai trap again; you too, @Redlod

I tested it before my message 1h ago and it worked great for me. The only bug left that I see is Roller Baller that can’t use his fusion summon effect.