How can I donate?

What is the money used for?

Things like hardware for the server, Unity assets, etc.

What do I get for my donation ?

Those who donate get a “Donator” role on Discord and VIP status in the game when it will be released.

What does VIP status get me ?

  • VIP enables card sleeves and 1 of each rarity.
  • Talk to the lead developer directly, if you have any feature requests.

How do I donate?

You can send paypal to here.

How do I get on discord?

Simply follow this invite link: Duelists Unite

A donation is a choice you make. There’s no minimum.

However, we do recommend $5 USD at least for perks like VIP and beta access.

Remember to tell us your discord name#tag in the message so we can enable your VIP and donator role.

Thank you.