Hosting a casual game: Setting timer to 0 results in broken game state

  1. Bug description
    If you host a game and set the custom timer to 0, when the game loads neither player will be dealt any cards and it will be impossible for either player to surrender

  2. Bug reproduction steps

  1. Navigate to the host tab and open the Custom Properties dropdown
  2. Set the Timer edit box to 0
  3. Click Create Game and have another player join the game
  4. Complete rock paper scissors to enter the game

Current Behavior:
The game is in a completely broken state. No UI interactions are successfully completed (including surrender) and the only recourse is for both players to restart the client.

  1. Screenshot OR error code

  1. Expected behavior

Setting a timer of 0 should not break the game.

My personal opinion here

What I have seen in other apps is that setting 0 effectively means “infinite”. So my expectation was that by setting a timer of 0 seconds, both players would have infinite time. Which, since this is a casual game that I’m playing with a friend, I think should at the very least be possible.

  1. What OS are you using
    Windows 10

  2. Suggestions

A couple possible UI/UX solutions that you could choose from (there’s tons of ways to fix this problem):
A) Simply setting 0 disables the timer. You could add a tooltip or find some room to explain that. “Setting 0 will disable the timer” or something.

B) Add a checkbox called “Disable Timer” that is unchecked by default. When checked, it disables the “Timer” text and field to indicate that any value in there will be ignored. Then you can disallow invalid numbers.

Given that Omega seems to try to avoid popup error dialogs (which is great), probably just set the timer to the closest bounding value. So if I type -1 and the lower bound is 60, then just have it auto correct to 60 after the edit box loses focus

try again