Hold chain mode won't save

I am on windows 10 and I set chain mode to hold and when I close the app and reopen it, my settings are reset to toggle. I would assume it is meant to save that setting between sessions.

How about clicking the “Apply” button?

Well it does apply when I do that but then if you close the game and re-open the game it will change the settings back to toggle without you changing the selection back to toggle.

I am unable to reproduce this on my end. However, I can say that unable to save means something due to permissions. Where is the game installed? What folder? If it’s in a place that doesn’t have permissions, it may not be able to save things. The default location that the installer chooses already gives you the best choice but users change it.

It is not on my system drive is that possibly why it is a problem? It will save every other setting I change but the chain mode won’t save for some reason.

where is it then?