Hello (Shortened version)

* What brings you here?

Well, I just want to go back to the good old days of having online Yugioh tournaments and have some fun.

* When was the last time you played Yu-Gi-Oh? Are you a new or returning player?

I’ve not played Yugioh since 2017 when I quit. I hope to resume after YGO Omega releases.

* What type of decks do you play?

Control and Anti-Meta decks (hence my name). I like to build decks with synergy that have an archetype engine, but use anti-meta cards to disrupt, negate, and lock.

* What do you like to do for fun?

Watch Sci-fi/Fantasy shows and movies. I even like Chinese dramas (wuxia). I practice Martial arts, play video games (Fighting, Adventure, Strategy, etc.). Though these days I’m too lazy to play games, so I just rather watch movies or shows or watch the cinematics of a video game, without me having to play it.

* Where do you live?

Toronto, Canada.

* Do you have any favorite shows or animes?

I’m a huge Dragon Ball geek, moreso than Yugioh. I write theories and articles on other forums. I even ended up being a writer for some popular Youtube channels like CBR and ScreenRant. I love channels like Because Science (that use science and logic to explain anime or comics). I love Shonen anime and any anime having to do with fighting or adventure.