Hello! Dove here!

What brings you here?

Excited to Beta Test Omega!

When was the last time you played Yu-Gi-Oh? Are you a new or returning player?
Playing competitively since the middle of 2018 Firewall Gokki Format. Fun. But played the game since SDK and SDY!
What type of decks do you play?
I’m a Jack-of-all-Trades. Wanna go against a control player? I got Altergeist, Mekk-Knight, Salamangreat, Striker, Guru. Wanna Combo? Started out playing Pendulum and since picked up the new flavor of the day, Dinos, Shaddoll, Galaxy-Eyes. Midrange? Been pretty spiffy on Unchained and Magical Muskets.
What do you like to do for fun?
I’m a content creator. Been Live streaming, making content for a side channel, as well as some Mountain biking. Been a lot of fun.
Where do you live?
Texas, USA
Do you have any favorite shows or animes?
Been watching seasonal anime. Favorite, would probably have to be reserved for Shakugan no Shana since that’s what really got me into it.

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