Harmonic synchro fusion bug

  1. Bug description
    I modulated the level on accel synchro and then used it with harmonic synchro fusion in the end nothing except my cards going to grave happens

  2. Bug reproduction steps
    2024-01-24 06-03-54

  3. Screenshot OR error code

  4. What OS are you using
    [Windows-10 / Linux / Android]

Not a bug.

‚óŹ Whether the monster in question can be Special Summoned using the sent materials is determined when you resolve this effect, based on the current properties at the time of resolution of the monster that was sent to the Graveyard to activate this effect. (If any of the monsters sent to the Graveyard to activate this card no longer exist in the Graveyard by the time this effect resolves, the effect is not applied.)

This also counts if the properties are changed between the monster(s) being on field and being in GY after being sent as cost.

Got it I figured I was missing something.