Guys im new to ygo omega and whenver i click on deck manager it pops upwith the card i last hovered above so i cant do anything and am forced to shut doen- any idea how to fix?

whenever i try to clink ANYTHING on ygo omega on dck manager it just pops up with the card i last hovered above and i cant do anything
would g8tly appreciate fixes as i have been waiting for this for solong


It sounds like you possibly have your hot keys changed in the settings.

Please open up the settings and verify which key you have set to “Zoom”.

You can also reset the settings to their defaults to attempt to remediate this situation.

Please reach out to the Duelist Unite discord and contact the team on #Omega_Support for faster response.

Thank you!

omg it worked thank you so much!!!
You’ve made my day!

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