Guide to Manual Mode

Here are some tips and tricks to using the manual mode in Omega. You can already do everything that Dueling Book can do and more. In some cases, it’s easier to use because you just need to point and click to the location where you want to move a card to rather then select from a long drawer of options.

Let’s look at some common cards that require chat commands to use.

  1. Pot of Desires - This card banishes the top 10 cards face-down from the deck and then draws 2. You can simply type /banishfd 10 and /draw 2.

  2. Pot of Duality - Type /excavate 3. This will excavate the top 3 cards of your deck. The cards are now revealed since they are public knowledge. Click on the deck and add the card you want to your deck. Then shuffle the deck.

  3. Pot of Extravagance - In this case, we are banishing randomly from the extra deck. You can banish 3 or 6. Type /rmovefd 3 e b to banish 3 or /rmovefd 6 e b to banish 6 face-down.

  4. Pot of Prosperity - In this case, you can select which cards you want to banish from the Extra Deck. Hence, just click on the Extra Deck for the cards you want to banish face-down. Move each one to the banished. Then, you can type /excavate x to excavate the cards equal to the number of cards banished. Click on the deck and add the excavated card to your hand. Lastly, you can click on the remaining cards that you excavated on top of your deck, click move then click on the deck again. It will ask you face-up or face-down. Select face-down and then select bottom to specify bottom of Deck.

  5. Trickstar Reincarnation - Banishes opponent’s hand. The opponent simply types /banishhand and then /draw x where x is the amount of cards they want to draw.

  6. Card Destruction - Discard your entire hand. Type /discardhand. Then /draw x to draw the same amount.

  7. Reload - If you type /redrawhand , this will shuffle all cards back to the deck and draw 5 cards. However, in the case you don’t have 5 cards, then use /move x h d, /shuffle and /draw x where x is any amount of cards.

  8. Robbin Goblin - To discard a random card from your opponent’s hand, the opponent types rmove 1 h g to move a random card from hand to the graveyard.

  9. Test hands - To easily test your hands, just type /reset or click the reset button which looks like a fiber jar on the bottom right below your main deck. This will send all cards on the field, gy, and banish back to deck and draw 5. Note that this is different from the /redrawhand which only shuffles the hand back to the deck and draws 5.

  10. Trap Dustshoot - To look at your opponent’s hand, the opponent can type /revealhand.

  11. Convulsion of Nature - This is a tricky one, but you can use the /reversedeck command. This will rearrange the cards in your deck so that the bottom card becomes the top card and so forth. This flips the deck without actually flipping it. Then, you can reveal the top card of the deck using /excavate 1.

  12. Malefic World - Choose 3 “Malefic” cards from your Deck and have your opponent pick 1 of them at random to add to your hand. To do this, click on your own Deck, reveal each of the 3 Malefic cards you want the opponent to pick from. The tricky part of this effect is the “random”. The opponent hence has to use the /rng 1 3 command. This will generate a random number between 1 to 3. The number corresponds to the position of the card in the Deck.

  13. Confiscation - Unlike Robbin Goblin where the opponent discards a random card, this time you have to select the card to discard. Simply double click on the opponent’s card in hand and this will put a target gfx on the card. You can even select multiple cards this way. Even if opponent shuffles their hand, the target icon will remain on the card you selected.