Guide to Infernities

The Infernity archtype is one of the best archtype with free searches and a incredible loop. Infernity is an archetype that focuses on getting themselves out in the graveyard and on the field and gain effects while the user has no cards in his/her hand.

It starts with Infernity Necromancer. Infernity Necromancer has the ability to revive an Infernity monster while you have no cards in your hand. You always want to revive Infernity Archfiend with this effect to get a free search. Infernity Archfiend can search an Infernity card and add that card to your hand while you have no cards in your hand. You always want to search cards that can special summon Infernity Archfiend again when it is sent to the graveyard. The best cards you want to search is Infernity Mirage or Infernity Launcher . You can search for Infernity Mirage if you haven’t normal summoned or set this turn. This card tributes itself to summon back 2 Infernity monsters from your graveyard. You always want to summon Infernity Necromancer and Infernity Archfiend if you have 2 choices and Infernity Necromancer revives Infernity Avenger . Infernity Launcher does have the same ability and one side effect.

You want to search for the continuous spell card Infernity Launcher if you have normal summoned or set this turn. It once per turn can send a Infernity monster from your hand to the graveyard, but that is not the effect you want if you already have zero cards in your hand. The second effect is the same effect as Infernity Mirage, send the continuous spell card to the graveyard and special summon 2 infernity monsters. Infernity Archfiend, Infernity Necromancer and Infernity Necromancer can revive Infernity Avenger once again. You need a tuner monster like Infernity Avenger if you want to synchro summon. I prefer Infernity Avenger since it special summons itself when a monster you control is destroyed by battle while you have no cards in your hand and then Infernity Avenger’s level becomes equal to the destroyed monster’s level. So if you have both Infernity Necromancer and Infernity Archfiend out plus the tuner monster Infernity Avenger you can synchro summon a level 8 synchro monster (3+4+1). Using this tactic the best you can summon is Hundred Eyes Dragon . You can summon up to 3 of these dragons in a single turn. You want to summon Hundred Eyes Dragon, because of its effect and not the amount of atk. The ability of Hundred Eyes Dragon banishes a level 6 or lower DARK monster and then it gains the effect of the banished monster and you can treat its name as that banished monster’s name.

You want to banish Infernity Necromancer or Infernity Mirage with this effect if you can’t special summon Infernity Archfiend anymore from the graveyard. With the treated Necromancer you can special summon Infernity Archfiend again. Infernity Archfiend’s ability activates once more. You want to search for (counter) traps when you searched all your power to special summon. In this current situation I prefer to search Infernity Barrier or Infernity Break . Infernity Break destroys a card your opponent controls by removing an Infernity card from play while you have no cards in your hand. Infernity Barrier negates an activation of a spell trap or monster effect and destroy that card. If you do this right you should have 3 Hundred Eyes Dragon monsters on your field and an Infernity Archfiend or 2 Hundred Eyes Dragon and 1 Infernity Doom Dragon / Void Ogre Dragon ! Void Ogre Dragon is one of the cards you really want to use since it suits perfect by infernities. Once per turn, during either players turn; you can negate a spell or trap card while you have no cards in your hand. You want to run at least 2 of these since Infernities force you to have no cards in your hand.

Support you can use for the Infernity archtype:

Monster Card : Dark Grepher, Armageddon, Fabled Soulkius, Fiendish Rhino Warrior, Tour Guide from the Underworld, Scarm Malebranche of the Burning Abyss, Dark Armed Dragon, Mystic Tomato, Infernity Bishop, Infernity Doom Dragon, Void Ogre, Beelze of the Diabolic Dragons.

Spell Card : Allure of Darkness, Foolish Burial, Reinforcement of the Army, One for One, Dark Eruption, Veil of Darkness, Zero-Max.

Trap Card : Shadow Spread Virus, Deck Devastation Virus, Eradicator Epidemic Virus, Crush Card Virus, Infernity Inferno, Infernity Reflector, Infernity Force.