GranSolfachord Coolia effect is unable to be used

[GranSolfachord Coolia’s effect should negate the activation of a card or effect, summon an odd scale Solfachord to a zone she points to, and place an even scale Solfachord from deck face-up in extra. The effect is unable to activate despite all the conditions being met]

[With GranSolfachord Coolia on board, an odd scale Solfachord in the pendulum zone, an even scale Solfachord in deck, and a zone to summon to, having the opponent activate a card will not allow you to use her effect in order to negate the activation.] (Board state which should allow for effect to activate)

[GranSolfachord Coolia’s effect to negate the activation of a card or effect should be usable but it is not.]


Yep, can confirm GranSolfachord Coolia’s Negating (and then special summoning) effect NOT working on PC Win10 as well.
Prompt never appears even when conditions are met.
Probably an id-set issue?
Thx in advance!