Grandsolfachord Coolio

  1. Grandsolfachord Coolio not working (when it’s pointing to a pendulum solfachord monster , opponents cards can still negate there effects even though it states in the text that when grandsolfachord Coolio points to a pendulum monster there effects cant be negated when activated.

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Did they negate the activation of that monster’s effect? If so that is not a bug, it prevents their activated effects from being negated (which would stop something like Imperm or Therion Regulus), but not the activation of the effect itself from being negated (Apollousa, Baron as examples there).

I haven’t tried it with them monster you said but I’ll give you an example of a card I experienced it with. Clear wing sycnro dragon. When I use solfachord Coolio or solfachord beautia effects on it ! it’s able to respond to me even though the link monster is pointing to them. It’s happend to many more but I’ll try the cards you listed, it just hard to because I don’t know what my opponent is going to play. can you try for me please.


I tired to negate the effects with Coolio and when I went for an atack with beautia it was able to respond to that two.