Golden Ladybug effect not working

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    Golden Ladybug contains this effect: During your Standby Phase: You can reveal this card in your hand, and it will remain revealed until the end of this turn; gain 500 LP.

I’m not able to active the effect.

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    your replay code

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    The expected is to activate and keep the card revealed to the opponent until the end of the turn. Then, gain 500 LP.

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Revealing the card is a cost to gain the 500 LP. You cannot reveal something that is already revealed. Since you cannot pay the cost, you cannot use its effect. In your screenshot, your entire hand is revealed since the eye icon is there. You can try to shuffle your hand at the start of your next turn and then those cards should not have the eye icon unless there is a continuous effect in play that reveals your hand such as Eye of Truth.

Trueee! Failed on my part!!!
Thanks for the quick response! Really working!!

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