Gold Pride - Roller Baller - fusion summon without using monsters

  1. Bug description
    by “not selecting” any gold pride for the fusion of Pin Baller, you can summon Pin Baller anyway.

  2. Bug reproduction steps

    1. summon roller Baller
    1. have at least 1 more Gold Pride Monster in hand or Field
    1. avtivate quick effect of Roller baller, to summon Pin Baller
    1. select pin baller from pop up dialog
    1. as next selection of Monster to use for fusion summon is poping up
    1. click X or “right click” instead of selecting any monster, to “cancel” monster selection.
    1. next it wants you to select monster zone to summon to

  1. Expected behavior
    after selecting the Pin Baller fusion, it should not be possible to decline monster selection, and summon Pin Baller anyway. Also i think any Roller Baller should be selected first, and only after that it should be possible to select from any other gold prid, as the “roller baller” is a mandatory selection to summon “pin Baller”

  2. What OS are you using

Try this again

working as intended now. thx!

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