"Goat 1.4.2005" banlist does not allow pre-errata cards

  1. Bug description

The “Goat 1.4.2005” banlist only allows post-errata versions of cards. Affected cards include Sangan, Sinister Serprent, Ring of Destruction, and Necrovalley.

Other cards are likely affected. I’m not able to provide a complete list, because the game does not have any search filter that can select for pre-errata cards.

  1. Bug reproduction steps

Host or join a game using the “Goat 1.4.2005” banlist.
Select a deck that contains a pre-errata version of Sangan.
Clicking “Ready” causes an error to appear.

  1. Screenshot OR error code

  1. Expected behavior

The “Goat 1.4.2005” banlist should include pre-errata cards and exclude post-errata cards.