Ghostrick Museum's last effect doesn't work

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    I have Ghostrick Museum active on the field. The last effect states “At the end of the Damage Step, change any monster that inflicted battle damage to a player during this battle to face-down Defense Position.” On the wiki I read that any kind of attack, here I’m interested in direct attacks, goes through the Damage Step. So if an enemy monster attacks me directly and deals battle damage, it should be changed to face-down Defense Position, due to this card’s effect. Right? Well, that doesn’t happen. The attack goes through, the field doesn’t give you a “flash” showing that it activated, and the turns just continues normally.

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I’m sorry I’ve already described the issue in detail above, I don’t think I can add anything here.
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    The monster inflicting damage by attacking directly should be changed to face-down Defense Position right after the attack.
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    Windows 10

What monsters were attacking tho?

Yeah, Museum’s last effect seems to activate, despite its text implying otherwise…

Ok I tried it again via the “Test Hand” mechanic. I had Ghostrick Siren and Ghostrick Lantern face-down, with Ghostrick Museum face-up in my field zone. The AI played Bone Mouse and attacked over my face-down monsters due to Museum’s effect. Bone Mouse remained face-up for many turns to come.
I’m sorry what am I misunderstanding here?

Oh, there’s a TCG version of Ghostrick Museum. Try this again later

Yes! It works now! Thanks for looking into it and fixing it! And I’m sorry I didn’t mention that I was using the TCG version, it didn’t occur to me that it might be a factor, at all.
Have a good one!

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