General pendulum bug

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    while hovering above the symbols (activate, normal summon, set) these are not clickable 6 out of 10 times this happens

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    your replay code

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    i should be able to play the cards

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I’ve had similar issues over the past few weeks, but they have been improved over time.

To help add additional information to this, which “view” in game are you using when this happens? Does it continue if you switch views?

What resolution is the monitor you are playing the game running?

(I am not associated with the Dev team, I am gathering data to see if there is a correlation that hasn’t been found yet)

Since no reply, this issue will be closed. In general, you want to play full screen and have your DPI / scaling at 100% or higher (this is default in all operating systems). You can do this by right clicking on desktop->personalize. If you are playing on a laptop, it’s usually 120% scaling.

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