Having problems with normal summoning Gemeni’s using their effect.
Also I feel that the card Pitch-Black Power Stone isn’t working as it should.

Can you be a bit more specific in regards to the issues with geminis and pitch-black power stone?

With Gemeni’s, I don’t have the option to normal summon them a 2nd time using their effect, as far as I know.
And with Pitch-Black Power Stone, I don’t have the option to transfer a spell counter on it to another card, like the effect states. It only gives me the option to as a response to another card activating. I took this card out of my deck though, so I’m not too bothered about this anymore

Did you use up your 1 normal summon when you tried to double summon a gemini monster? Also, did you have another card you could place a spell counter on when you tried to use power stone?

No, I played the gemenis on turn 1 and I don’t think I had the option to normal summon them again on turn 2, before I summoned anything. Only had the option to change their battle position.
And yeah as far as I know. It let me add spell counters to cards in response to other effects, but I just couldn’t click on the card and activate it’s effect when I wanted. I hadn’t used it’s effect before that too, so it wasn’t because of it’s once per turn effect

You got a replay?

I know how this sounds, but now it’s letting me. Before I was dueling a bot so idk if that had anything to do with it. I just faced a bot again now and it’s letting me. Not sure what the issue was, thanks anyway

Chances are you were playing offline in the Local mode. This has been bugged for the past few days. For the time being, use the online game mode and host a private room and invite the bot if you wish to have the same experience.

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