Gateway of the Six Softlock

  1. Bug description
    When trying to resolve gateway of the six’s second effect, removing counters from battle shogun of the six samurai before removing them from gateway of the six leaves me unable to remove counters from gateway of the six and thus softlocks me as I’m stuck resolving the card until timer runs out.

  2. Bug reproduction steps

Have a Battle Shogun of the Six on field with less than 4 counters and a gateway of the six.
Try to activate gateway of the six’s second effect (probably any effect will do in the right situation but I have only tested with the second effect), then remove counters from battle shogun first.

  1. Screenshot OR error code

  2. Expected behavior
    The game should let me remove my counters from gateway of the six so I can finish resolving the effect.

We couldn’t reproduce this. We had shogun with 3 counters and gateway with 1. We activated gateway’s second effect, removing 3 counters from shogun and then gateway.